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Lacrosse Quick Drills


Quick Drill #1 – Clean Up

Purpose: Practice scooping

Required equipment: A cone, ball and stick for every player


  1. Mark out a square of 20 m x 20 m with the cones.
  2. Scatter all balls inside the square.
  3. Athletes stand outside the square beside a cone.
  4. On command, the athletes start running around the outside of the square.
  5. When the Instructor calls “SCOOP”, athletes run into the square, scoop a ball and run back out to the closest cone.
  6. When all athletes have a ball, they roll the balls back to the middle and repeat.

Quick Drill #2 – Step Back

Purpose: Practice passing and catching

Required equipment: A stick for each player and one ball per pair


  1. Partners start 5 feet apart, facing each other.
  2. Player 1 tosses to player 2 with their stick, player 2 rolls it back.
  3. Every time you make a catch, you take a step back. If you don’t make a catch, you take a step in.
  4. When players reach opposite walls or lines, they switch roles.

Quick Drill #3 – Furthest Throw

Purpose: Practice throwing and scooping

Required equipment: A ball and stick for every player


  1. Players line up across one end of the playing area.
  2. Athletes throw their ball as far as they can.
  3. Everyone moves up to the furthest throw and repeats the drill until they reach the far end of playing area.


  • Top hand in the middle of your stick, bottom hand at the bottom of the stick.
  • Opposite foot pointed towards your target.
  • Push with your top hand and pull with your bottom hand.
  • Weight moves from back foot to front foot as the throw starts.

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