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FITS for Lacrosse Parents


The Lacrosse FITS program is a fun and active training program built for athletes as young as six. Each detailed lesson module provides an assortment of engaging activities for players of all skill levels.

Lacrosse FITS was conceptualized by Dave Little and Kylo Harris of Manitoba. In an effort to promote the sport, they had been running individual community sessions and workshops in schools across the province. They found that while teachers and volunteers were excited about the sport, they did not have enough knowledge of lacrosse to continue the program.

With this in mind, they spent a considerable amount of time working to create a new lacrosse training strategy that would overcome such shortfalls. The goal was to design a lacrosse program that an individual with limited lacrosse knowledge could run using clearly defined lesson plans. Essentially, the idea was if you could read and look at diagrams, then you could run the program.

Lacrosse FITS is structured in six modules to allow young Canadians to develop the basic skills common to both box and field lacrosse and gradually bring them together to develop into well-rounded lacrosse athletes.

The program is structured to gradually build a player’s skill as he or she advances through different stages of Lacrosse FITS. Players will feel proud of their accomplishments with lessons that encourage fun and progression. Like instructors, players require no prior experience with the sport. All they need is a desire to participate in a fun and active game with new friends and teammates.

For a detailed look at each of our Lacrosse FITS modules, please click here.

The Canadian Lacrosse Association values the input and suggestions of parents across Canada. Should you have any questions or comments about the sport of lacrosse or the Lacrosse FITS training program, please visit our Parents FAQ or contact us.