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Canadians have been playing lacrosse for centuries. The action, agility, and teamwork in this sport helps young athletes develop the skills they need to be active for life.

Lacrosse is not difficult to learn and it teaches a number of fundamental skills your kids can apply to any sport. The constant running and momentum of the game builds endurance and dexterity, while the throwing, catching, and passing develops valuable coordination skills. You can often tell if a hockey player plays lacrosse because of the important abilities he or she developed off the ice!

The Lacrosse FITS training program is designed not to build lacrosse players, but to build lacrosse athletes. The program is safe, fun, and active – an exciting introduction to the thrilling sport of lacrosse!

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The Canadian Lacrosse Association values the input and suggestions of parents across Canada. Should you have any questions or comments about the sport of lacrosse or the Lacrosse FITS program, please visit our Parents FAQ page or contact us.