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Lacrosse FITS into the Cops and Kids Program

February 13, 2013

In the autumn of 2012, the Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) was approached by Terry Rayner, a constable with the Durham Regional Police Service (DRPS), to form a partnership with the Cops and Kids Program. The Cops and Kids Program targets youth who are considered at risk of becoming involved with guns, gangs and drugs.

To combat these risk factors, members of the DRPS go out into the community to interact with youth in a positive sports-related atmosphere to promote a positive image of police. The goal of this interaction is to foster personal growth, character and a sense of belonging in the participants and, in turn, increase their social interaction within their communities. A secondary goal of the program is to increase awareness regarding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. 

Constable Rayner proposed that the Lacrosse FITS program would be a great fit for the Cops and Kids Program and we, at the CLA, agreed. The CLA donated 16 sets of Lacrosse FITS equipment to the program and the DRPS and the Toronto Rock took care of the rest.

Rock captain, Colin Doyle was joined at Durham Region schools by members of the DRPS to spread a message that police officers are more than just the people they see enforcing the law and are a friend of the youth in the community. “It shows kids that police officers just aren’t in uniform all the time,” explained Rayner.  “We can be leaders in the community and it gives them the opportunity to see us in a different light.”

The students involved are enjoying the presentations. “We learned a lot about fair play and we love the new lacrosse equipment,” said one student. The physical education teachers in these schools are also excited. “Our kids love the new sticks and they can't wait for spring to try them out. They will greatly assist our physical education program and help continue to build lacrosse in our school community,” said one PE teacher at Harmony Heights P.S.

The CLA applauds the efforts of the DRPS, the Toronto Rock and the Cops and Kids Program and are thrilled that the Lacrosse FITS program could play a part in this wonderful initiative.