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Lacrosse FITS: A Fresh Approach to Canada’s Oldest Sport

December 16, 2011

The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) is excited to introduce a fresh training approach to Canada’s oldest sport.

After conducting a considerable amount of research into a variety of training methods, the CLA is launching its new Lacrosse FITS program. The goal of FITS is to provide teachers, coaches, volunteers, parents, and community organizers a simple, yet fun solution to developing lacrosse athletes.

Lacrosse FITS was conceptualized by Dave Little and Kylo Harris of Manitoba. In an effort to promote the sport, they had been running individual community sessions and workshops in schools across the province. They found that while teachers and volunteers were excited about the sport, they did not have enough knowledge of lacrosse to continue the program. With this in mind, they spent a considerable amount of time working to create a new lacrosse training strategy that would overcome such shortfalls.

The program consists of a series of easy-to-use training modules that gradually develop a participant’s skills. The modules allow players to progress from one lesson to the next, working from individual skills up to basic team strategies that apply to both field and box lacrosse. Beyond lacrosse, the modules also focus on skills that contribute to physical literacy, such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching, which are fundamental to any sport.

Like the participants, instructors require no previous lacrosse experience to teach the Lacrosse FITS program. The lessons are clearly designed with little preparation time required. All instructors need is a desire to be a part of one of Canada’s most thrilling sports!

“As a physical education teacher working in an elementary school I am always searching for new and fun activities for my students.  I was approached to introduce lacrosse to my students. I agreed with enthusiastic caution, knowing 90% of my students have no previous lacrosse experience.  I am very happy to express my joy of seeing my students take to the game like veterans. The modules which accompany the equipment are clear and easy to implement. Lacrosse is so successful that a number of students signed up to play lacrosse at lunch.”

Mr. Vespa
Dalkeith Elementary

The Lacrosse FITS program was created with the help of lacrosse associations across Canada. It was funded through the aid of a Heritage Sport Grant from Heritage Canada. The CLA has also partnered with Marketing Breakthroughs and Envision Online of Ottawa to provide an informative and dynamic website that details the Lacrosse FITS program and allows users to download each individual lesson plan.

For more information about this exciting new training program, please contact us.