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General FAQ

1. What is Lacrosse FITS?

Created by the Canadian Lacrosse Association, Lacrosse FITS is a lacrosse training and development program designed to teach youths as young as six the fundamentals of the sport. Click for more information about the program for Associations, Coaches, Players, Parents, or Teachers.

2. How many modules and lessons are there?

The Lacrosse FITS program contains six modules with 10 lessons each, which is enough material to build a highly-skilled lacrosse player. For free downloadable versions of these modules, click here.

3. What kind of equipment is needed for lacrosse?

Please visit our Equipment section for more information.

4. Is the Lacrosse FITS program safe?

Yes, Lacrosse FITS is a non-contact version of the sport that allows athletes to develop the skills of lacrosse in a safe and fun environment.

5. Does Lacrosse FITS require expensive equipment?

Lacrosse is a sport that traditionally requires a significant amount of protective equipment. Lacrosse FITS does not. FITS is a very affordable program that focuses on developing skills in a safe environment that does not include aggressive contact.

6. Is it easy to teach?

The Lacrosse FITS program is organized in clear, detailed lesson plans designed for instructors with no prior experience in lacrosse.

7. Are there any activities I can do at home?

We have a number of simple and fun activities you can do at home to improve your lacrosse skills. Please click here for more information.

8. I’ve heard lacrosse helps improve hockey skills. Is this true?

Yes, lacrosse builds leadership and teamwork skills. It also improves stick-handling abilities, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to strategize in play.

9. Can you name one professional hockey player that played lacrosse?

How about six? Joe Nieuwendyk, Paul Kariya, Brendan Shanahan, Adam Oates, Gary Roberts, and Wayne Gretzky all played lacrosse.

10. Are there any lacrosse associations in my area?

Please go to our Additional Resources to find a link to the association in your province.

11. How can I find a lacrosse program in my neighbourhood?

Please visit the Find a Program Near You page.

12. Do you have any material I can use to promote lacrosse in my neighbourhood?

Yes, we have downloadable content that you can distribute in your community. Please visit our Promotional Resources section.

13. Where can I find the training modules?

Please click here to find downloadable copies of our training modules.

14. What is the history of lacrosse?

Lacrosse has been in Canada for centuries. Click here to read a short history of lacrosse.

15. How can I become a lacrosse coach?

Lacrosse associations across Canada are constantly looking for responsible and enthusiastic individuals to coach. Click here for more information.


Click here to see FAQs specifically for Parents