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FITS for Lacrosse Coaches


The Lacrosse FITS program is a comprehensive training platform designed for coaches across Canada. The program is composed of six modules, each containing ten lessons.

The modules are clearly structured to assist coaches regardless of their level of lacrosse experience. This means that both brand new coaches and seasoned veterans can effectively use the FITS program. Using extensive research, the Lacrosse FITS program has been designed according to best practices engaged by coaches nationwide. Despite whatever experience you may have as a coach, you will find an assortment of useful drills and lesson plans for any group or situation.

The idea behind the Lacrosse FITS program came from two seasoned coaches who were looking to promote the sport in Manitoba.

They spent a considerable amount of time working to create a new lacrosse training strategy that could be taught by any coach. The goal was to design a lacrosse program that an individual with limited lacrosse knowledge could run using clearly defined lesson plans. Essentially, the idea was if you could read and look at diagrams, then you could run the program.

Lacrosse FITS is structured in six modules to allow young Canadians to develop the basic skills common to both box and field lacrosse and gradually bring them together to develop into well-rounded lacrosse athletes.

Overall, it is the intention of Lacrosse FITS to provide coaches and volunteers across the country with a training program designed to easily teach the sport. The modules are structured so that coaches with no experience at all can successfully teach lacrosse. All you need is enthusiasm and a desire to coach one of Canada’s most exciting sports!

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The Canadian Lacrosse Association values the input and suggestions of coaches and volunteers across Canada. Should you have any questions or comments about the Lacrosse FITS program, please visit our FAQ page or contact us.